Thursday, January 13, 2011

Swiss Army Dongle

Sometimes you see a gadget and get it straight away, on other occasions you simply question the logic.

Today Gizmodo covered The world's smallest 256GB SSD or what turns out to be the new twist on the old Swiss Army Knife. Yes it has scissors, a straight blade and a nail file/screwdriver but also packs the modern man’s gadget needs, 256GB USB 2.0/eSATA II SSD combo and that’s not all! The drive has a 32-bit processor with hardware error correction, built-in encryption, and an e-ink display that bears a label for the files the drive contains or how much space they're taking up. Yes we did say an eInk display but you may need glasses to read it.

Victorinox aim to produce 64GB, 128GB and even a 512GB versions and have even got the Swiss logo on the case. However, with today’s airport security today’s businessman is hardly going to want to have their data confiscated due to a pair of scissors. Knife or file.

‘Sorry officer can you wait a minute while I download my data back onto my laptop.’

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Kathryn said...

I had one of the old 256 MB Victorinox Swiss Army drives (an older version of the product here: and loved it. Everything in one package!

As for the security concerns, the drives are made detachable for just that reason. :-)