Sunday, January 16, 2011

DRM Hacking Now At The Back Door?

We all know about the issues of trying to track copyright infringement. We have seen many torrent scripts that claim to break various DRM encryptions but were surprised when a google news feed gave us links to DRM breaking videos on YouTube.

The point of posting these four videos is not to encourage breaking DRM but to show that it is happening and is not difficult when the instructions are on a video on YouTube. Hacking some media such as music, may be very easy today, but the same guys who broke music are now moving onto to what they see as today’s challenges. some videos have had relatively few downloads others have tens of thousands.

We do not draw any conclusions over the practicality of that suggested, the professionalism of the video or clarity of the instructions. There are many methods not so easily accessible that take longer to find and are sometimes more technical. We do however wonder how DRM can contain the situation if the tools and method of breaking it is so accessible to everyone.

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