Tuesday, January 11, 2011

British Library Opens Its Rare Treasures In Apps

You can now view 100 of The British Library’s rarest works on your iPhone, iPad or an Android device.

Search categories such as Science, History, Music, Literature, Religion, Map, and Illuminated Manuscripts and discover treasures you will not require white glove to handle. The mobile app presents high-resolution images of rare works such as the world's oldest bible, Nelson's battle plan for Trafalgar and sketches by Leonardo da Vinci. Expert curators can even guide you through audio excerpts and videos.

The Treasures mobile app is available for the iPhone and Android versions at a cost of £2.39 ($3.99 in the US) and for the iPad at £3.49 ($5.99). However, they can be bought before 24th January at £1.19 ($1.99) and £2.39 ($3.99) respectively.

You now have the potential to visit national libraries and museums, view rare works and do so on the move for what is chump change.

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