Thursday, January 06, 2011

Amazon Just Keeps Flowing

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any Morgan Stanley analyst Scott Devitt predicts that by 2015 Amazon could be as big if not bigger than WalMart. Amazon’s 121 million customers currently spend about $275 a year, with international sales continuing to fuel growth. In just 16 years Amazon has grown to generate revenues of some $32Billion and Devitt predicts that these will be $100 Billion by 2015.

Anyone who has searched through the current app stores will appreciate that they aren’t exactly user friendly and the bigger they get the more unfriendly they become. So why go to the Andriod App Store or other stores now promoting apps when you can do it all at the new Amazon App Store?

It is about effective search, discovery and validation and also in today’s world trust. So the case for the consumer looks good but equally developers could also benefit from the millions of Amazon customers. It sounds like a win win situation to us.

The Amazon's Appstore is already accepting submissions from developers but these apps will not be available until later this year. The service appears to be also restricted initially to US residents.

Not one to standby Apple has now opened the App Store for its Mac OS platform, allowing users to download approved free and paid-for software straight to their laptops or desktops.

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