Sunday, March 01, 2009

‘Ugh …You Again’ an Interactive eBook for Kids by a 10 Year Old

A comical insight into a student's struggle when her ‘worst friend ever’ returns and she faces being forced to be friends with the goody-goody Vanessa.

The author is Alexis Marcionette and is 10 years old and her story will be released by K-8 online learning company in eBook format complete with interactive graphics, turning pages, "click to hear" word functionality, engaging interactive illustrations, built in reading comprehension, vocabulary quizzes and the wit and humour that appeals to today's kids.

Preview the first 2 chapters of 'UGH…You Again!' It may not be as sophisticated as many ebooks, but shows how text to speech can work and presents a different interactive book and after all it was written by a 10 year old!

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Sabrina Jones said...

Very cool. Thanks. My kids loved the book and they didn't mind taking the tests included with the eBook. Well done.