Thursday, March 12, 2009

Oh Brother! Yet Another eBook Reader

Read an eBook week seems to have caught on in the east with yet another pretender new ebook readers

First we have Brother, the company famous for sewing machines and printers have announced a “document reader”, the SV-100B, intended for displaying ebooks and technical documentation. The Brother SV-100B, has however broken out of the eink camp and has an LCD display, measuring 9.7-inches and running at 1,200 x 825 150dpi resolution. It still claims 83 hours of battery life and although there is no internal storage by use of its 2 GB micro SD card you can store10,000 A4 pages. The file transfer appears cumbersome despite using its own SV-Manager software and the position on DRM is unclear. It is planned to land in Japan in the summer.

However the bucket of ice may come in the form of its $1,450price ticket.

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