Wednesday, March 18, 2009

UK PA to Hold Google Seminar

Straight off Book Brunch Today...

Great news the debate has started in the UK. We don't know the format, speakers etc but at least the debate and enlightenment has started!

The Publishers Association is to hold a seminar outlining the terms of the deal struck between Google, the Association of American Publishers and the US Authors Guild. The seminar will explain the fundamentals of the deal, and will be an opportunity for UK publishers and rights holders to explore options for next-step decisions in time to meet the 5 May deadline. All industry stakeholders are welcome. The seminar will be held in repeating sessions throughout 14 April at the Victory Services Club, London. PA member publishers are entitled to two free places, all other attendees will be charged £100 +VAT. For more information, contact Claire Anker at "CAnker at publishers dot org dot uk".

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