Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hands up all those University students who don’t have a laptop or PC?

The answer will obviously different around the world but it appears that the US is fast becoming fully switched on. The University of Virginia have even come to the conclusion that the time has come to close their community computer labs and spend the money elsewhere. This shift is significant not just in terms of spending allocation but also learning and reference materials. If the students have their own laptop and the campus is wifi, then everyone is connected.

According to an article in Ars Technica the University of Virginia school's Information Technology & Communication department, 3,117 freshmen enrolled in 2007, and 3,113 of them had and owned their own equipment. Almost all were laptops, with 72 % running Windows and 26 % running Mac OS X and rest on Linux.

In the developing world there are still places where you have to have a pen to go to school it appears soon you may have to have a laptop to go to university in parts of the world.

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