Thursday, March 12, 2009

Does Apple Share Our Dream?

Reuters deliver an interesting report that claims that Apple will take third-quarter delivery from Taiwan touchscreen specialist Wintek of a newly developed 10-inch touchscreen. Wintek already supplies small screens for Apple iPhones, and Reuters now report from a confidential source that Wintek now has received orders for the larger ones. However although Wintek have officially confirmed Apple is a major client they declined to comment on any new product development.

Taiwan media is rife with speculation claiming that Apple is currently developing a touchscreen PC and there are also claims that Taiwan's Quanta Computer, the world's top contract laptop PC maker, would manufacture the actual devices for Apple.
So as everyone speculates those potentially in the know remain tight lipped which obviously adds fuel to the fire. We have already speculated about a larger iTouch which with a 10” screen could certainly start to redefine the market bringing the weight of the Appps Store and its 250k applications, the power of Apples PC platform, iTunes, video and of course books all together under what would be a very compelling offer and in full colour for Christmas.

Such a move would seriously dent the eink looky-likies create a natural home for a media and start to separate the PC and the phone strengthening as opposed to weakening their offers. Alas it may be a dream – but it’s a good one!

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