Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spotify Add Downloads to Their Offer

On-demand European music streaming service Spotify continues to move forward and has added download purchasing to its growing proposition. Listeners can right-click track names and pick "Buy From 7Digital.com", letting them purchase files from the service. They also plan to enable users to be able to buy whole playlists that they have created on Spotify.

With Spotify gaining a loyal audience, the service adds that extra dimension. Some may ask why bother as you can listen for free but for those on the move who may not have connectivity or those who must have a library it closes that down. It also gives Spotify, an a la carte download model that could counter its reliance on its core ad-supported, per-per-day and monthly subscription models. Spotify want to allow users to listen and buy MP3s securely with one or two clicks

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