Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Flat World Knowledge Gets Investment

Last October we wrote a long article about Flat World Knowledge, ‘Flat Meets Round World Head On’ and the world of creative commons attribution licence (CCAL). Flat World Knowledge is a new venture foundered by two very reputable publishers Jeff Shelstad and Eric Frank.


We were pleased to read that Greenhill SAVP announced it has invested in Flat World Knowledge ("Flat World"). Greenhill SAVP partnered with Valhalla Partners and High Peaks Venture Partners on an $8m Series A financing.

‘The $8 billion annual college textbook publishing market is poised to undergo a radical transformation in the coming years similar to what we've experienced in the music and newspaper industries," commented Brian Hirsch, Managing Director of Greenhill SAVP. "College students are digital natives and are demanding the ability to consume and interact collaboratively with educational content anywhere, anytime and anyway.’

Jeff Shelstad, co-founder and chief executive officer of Flat World Knowledge said ,. ‘ With this further investment, we can continue to scale our sales and marketing activities, staff up our acquisition talent to attract more talented authors to Flat World Knowledge, and improve the overall experience for our customers.’

Welcome to a Flat World.

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