Monday, March 02, 2009

What's in the Name - Netbook?

We can’t use the term netbook and will find another word for it. Perhaps; spacebook, notebook, mini-laptop, handtop, handbook, whatever.

Apparently Psion trademarked the term in 1996 for their Palm 5 palmtop replacement the Palm 7. Obviously the name nettop just didn’t work. Psion launched the netBook in 2000 and a further netBook Pro was added later. Now the term is in wide use and some 38 vendors use it to describe their devices.

Psion has convinced Google to ban the term from adsense ads, and it filed a large number of ceast and desist orders against a great many companies threatening more aggressive action if competing firms didn't stop using the term. Dell has now filed a suit against Psion to be joined by Intel with a strongly worded broadside filed in the US District Court in the Northern District of California. Intel who own the domain, which is linked to their Atom marketing site, demands an immediate judgment to cancel the trademark.

Lets just create a new name and ensure its public and avoid those lawyers fees and costly settlements. We think ‘smartbook’ may work as it halfway between a smart phone and a ***book but that looks to be taken too!

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