Thursday, March 05, 2009

Facebook to Revisit Classified Ads

Facebook is to upgrade its online classified adverts by teaming up with Oodle to launch a new classified section that combines selling and the social world of Facebook.

Some 18 months ago Facebook launched a classifieds service, Facebook Marketplace. It now has decided to start again with Oodle whose platform supports AOL and MySpace communities. Facebook is rolling out its new classifieds page over a 60-day period.
Unlike the Craiglist, Gumtree models the service will attempt to place the advert within a social conversation. ‘I am moving house next week and need to get rid of some stuff – and here is the sofa iam selling.’ ‘Won the lottery last night so looking to sell the old car and buy a Ferrii – and up pops an ad of the old banger that is being reluctantly sold.’

Personally we believe a classified ad is a classified ad and trying to plant it inside something else could undermine the social conversation itself. Is it

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