Sunday, October 04, 2009

Is 3D TV the next Wave?

Could 3D TV be the next thing after HD TV. Existing 3D camera set-ups use two-camera systems to capture the left and right eye of the viewer, but Sony have demonstrated a new single-lens camera able to capture 3D images. Sony claim that the new camera takes a single image that is split by mirrors and recorded on two sensors, resulting in a "smoother" picture. The camera will enable viewers to watch the 3D images using special polarised glasses.

The technology has been used with three fixed cameras, each covering a third of a football pitch, to record the and create a 3D view. 3D is not new to film but is new to TV and sport coverage may once again be the pioneer.

Sony is leading the TV trail and hopes some of the bigger broadcasters will follow. The BBC are already planning to capture some of the 2012 Games in 3D, Sky has stated that it will would launch "the UK's first 3D channel" by 2010 but only 15% of European broadcasters believe that 3D is really on the horizon with another 20% said they were looking at it as an option.

Personally, we don’t fancy sitting in front of the TV with 3D glasses.

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