Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Google Twittering ?

Just when you thought the world of acquisitions was slowing down we read today an interesting column in eCommerce Times titled ‘Will Twitter Be Google's Next YouTube?’
So when we have a company such as Google sitting on a war chest of some $15 billion the immediate question is not is not will they, but who? Apparently the speculation became rife earlier this week that Google is about to acquire Twitter. This was met by denial from CEO Eric Schmidt. Some point to a similar position they took proir to their acquisition of YouTube some two years ago.

So what is fueling the speculation? When questioned by Cnet Schmidt's replied he "shouldn't" discuss specific deals and that Google was "unlikely" to buy anything in the "short term."

So what would Twitter offer Google? Twitter is about now search in real time to what people are thinking about on any given topic. This would be complimentary mixing depth of Google’s indexed search with what’s on people’s thoughts now and then add in YouTube and there is one significant entity. We should remember that Facebook is now also updating its newsfeeds in real time so presenting a different threat from what is fast becoming a social Gorrilla.

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