Sunday, March 29, 2009

Google Ads and Mobile Apps News

Google is developing technology to connect its TV-ad brokering business to the video world and would allow advertisers to buy adverts across Google TV, which sells on-air commercials; YouTube; and video on other Web sites all through the same interface. Google TV Ads Online, is being tested with a small group of advertisers and is likely to be introduced in the coming months.

Google's vision is obviously aimed at tethering the various platforms to advertisers enabling them to manage and measure their spending across all media. Youtube is trying to increase revenues and their recent spat with the PRS in the UK demonstrates that they need to pay their way.

Some TV ads may not be suited to run before or alongside online video, but there are big strategic opportunities at stake as more consumers watch TV online. YouTube has been looking at making ads through Internet-content on television, such as Apple Inc.'s Apple TV. Traditional TV-ad sellers are now also looking at creating their own online services and ad-selling platforms that compete with YouTube and Google TV.
This week Google also released its Google Mobile Application on RIM's Blackberry smartphones and added voice control on all but the Storm model. Inclyded are al the usual suspects; Google Maps, Gmail, RSS reader etc and all should work on Blackberry's 40 million smartphones.

Google already has Google Mobile Apps for the iPhone, Symbian and for the Android Plaform.

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