Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Who Is Recording What Behind Those Glasses?

Why did VHS win in its infamous war with Betamax? The answer was largely down to the introduction of the first VHS camera. Why did that make a difference? It enabled the pornography market to create cheaper, more edgy films and importantly enabled amateur pornography to flourish. This is turn created demand and demand reduced prices and being able to capture film became as important as watching films

Pornography has always been at the cutting edge of technology and it is now interesting to hear of their obvious interest in the forthcoming Google Glass. The technology will enable users; to capture close and intimate hands free action, upload it live and even for some users to watch their pornography dreams whilst they do whatever they wish. An Android app store MiKandi is already planning to make content to watch on the new technology.

Just like the early VHS cameras made us all film directors and actors so the new technology promises to take that a stage further and free our hands and make everything filmable. Everyone you see and meet could be filming us on devices that are ‘connected’ to the world.

However, trying to ban or curtail the use of the new technology might be like trying to ban people using mobile phones. The technology itself is only going to get cheaper, smaller and even less detectable. We are entering the world where everyone could be potentially filming and uploading images at any time. The question is not how we control pornography, but how we protect civil liberties and privacy.

Once the butler peeked through the keyhole to glimpse at what was happening behind closed doors, perhaps soon he will merely be able to film through the door itself and instantly stream it to the world. 


Brian Clegg said...

I don't argue with your comments on the use of Google Glass, but I'm not totally sure that pornography was the big deciding factor with VHS/Betamax. I always thought that rental stores stocking policy was the killer?

Martyn Daniels said...

Betamax had a superior technology and was Sony only. The films were there but when the others came along all on VHS it was a bit like Apple vs Android, or windows vs OS2 etc the public went with choice.
Irrespective there was a major step when the first VHS camera came along as this gave consumers the ability to make film and one of the first to jump was the porn industry as it gave them a big new opportunity, reduced their cost base whilst extending their distribution reach.
Some will say urban myth but it was one of a number of factors that killed off betamax.

Thanks for your comments