Thursday, March 05, 2009

For Those who have Everything

Have you every wondered who dreams up some of the solutions that sound good at a glance but just lack real substance when examined more closely. We remember the phone that could receive email and text, those earliy word processors with tiny one line screens and many more devices usually found in an Inovations syle mail order catalogue. Now O2 has launched a new internet device which it claims will become ‘the centrepiece of family life’.

The Joggler, is an internet and messaging centre, which stores appointments, can , take notes and deliver the latest news and traffic reports via its 800 x 480 touch screen interface. The Joggler can also connect to the home network but lacks a built-in SIM card.The Joggler can receive text messages from any UK mobile network and customers can send 50 free SMS messages from the device every month.

The question we would ask is why we need this when we have mobiles that are synchronised to our ‘office’ and all the features and much more on most smartphones, every PC. This is a classic toy for those who have everything and money to spend.

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