Sunday, September 06, 2009

Another eBook Reader Pocketbook 360 & 302

We started to watch the you tube video for another 'lookie likie' eink reader the Pocketbook 360. A bit basic but with a nice 360 degree turn so you can use in portrait or landscape and a neat screen cover.

However the sellers are poor presenters so you have to persevere and you see the Pocketbook 302 which is a 6", with Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS and connection for a keyboard.

They preduct that there will be around 40 different eink devices by next year. That means some aren't going to make it and guarantees the price has to drop.


Cathy said...

Can't wait for the goodies to come, and their lower prices. I read today that Asus plans an ereader priced below 100 British pounds.
Cathy, Booktaste.

Anonymous said...

love it