Friday, September 18, 2009

Zune Again?

Just when we though that Microsoft's digital music Zune player was to be laid to rest up it pops once again.
The touch-screen Zune HD will be able to download high-definition videos and with the help of a separate docking station, also be streamed to a television. The Zune is still currently only on sale in the US, at $220 (16 GB) and $290 ( 32 GB) and the Zune HD will feature wi-fi access for downloading as well as a web browser and also has a radio receiver for both analogue and digital radio. However, does a $10 lower price point give it any real opport6unity against the iPod/Touch? Earlier this month Microsoft announced that it would discontinue its earlier models of the Zune.
Microsoft also now aim to release a number of free applications such as Facebook, Twitter and games. However do Microsoft really think that with a few apps they can compete with Apple’s 75,000 apps and that they have a winner when iPods have about 73% of the digital music player market and Zunes a miniscule 2%?

Sorry Microsoft you may have smart technology but you are too late and playing the wrong Zune.

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