Sunday, September 20, 2009

It’s Back to School with a Spark

Barnes & Noble has announced the relaunch SparkNotes (, their study aid website that offers study guides, discussion forums and learning aids to help students in their return to classes.

It offers: interactive Quick Quizzes for Top 20 Literature Study Guides, a Flashcards Application covering subjects such as, English Vocabulary, U.S. History and Biology, 700 ebook SparkNotes study guides, a series of blogs providing tips and
advice on subjects such as; tips and tactics for taking the SAT, guidance about selecting and applying for college and
Financial aid and writing, grammar, style and assignment planning.

Barnes & Noble are not e alone in seeking to get the student connected and to offer content on the back and it’s a pity that the UK supermarket retailers don’t follow this example instead of merely sourcing uniforms at giveaway prices.

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