Sunday, February 01, 2009

Zumba a Mobile that is Different

UK based IA Technologies who specialise in military equipment have as developed the Zumba phone. So what is special about this phone and makes it different from the pack?

The Zumba’s handset is the size of a credit card and can be operated almost entirely hands free, claiming to be the world's first fully accurate voice recognition handset.

Using an earpiece stuck to the back of a credit card-sized handset, the somewhat clunky looking earpiece detaches from the handset and becomes a hands free phone that will read back and transmit voice driven text messages. The set is ultra light in that it doesn’t carry your life around on it but stores all your details, contacts and messages on a secure central server. So the phone is in fact uniquely personalised and renders useless to all others. The front of the handset has a circular dial with alphabetic keys for inputting information and by removing the earpiece it automatically activates a connection to the internet, allowing you access to all your information.

So it is a cheap and cheerful mobile which may appeal to those not wanting cameras, video, email, GPS, internet connectivity and the world of ebooks and smartphones. However the technology and concept behind the design does offer much and no doubt could be licensed and incorporated into other devices. It certainly would offer the disabled an alternative that is simple and maybe could offer a cheap alternative where the current mobiles are venerable to theft.

The Zumba is planned to be out later this year and although it probably is more of a gimmick than a serious contender we think it will spawn others to think differently

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