Monday, February 09, 2009

Guess What? Yes Yet Another Smartphone!

Question: Who is the current largest provider of touchscreen mobiles in the UK?

Many would answer the iPhone and if media noise drove the result, they certainly would be right. Others may choose Nokia purely on the dominance they have on the mobile market. However the answer today is Samsung.

So we have to be aware that they plan to launch next month in the UK an updated version of their touchscreen Tocco device - the Tocco Ultra Edition. Its ‘scratch-resistant screen’ model is based on OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) technology, which gives a sharp resolution, vivid colours and doesn’t drain the battery.

The Tocco Ultra Edition (to be called the Ultra Touch everywhere else in the world) is similar in many ways to the previous model only thinner with a slide-out numberpad. Some believe that Samsung will announce that it is opening an application store to compete with the likes of Apple's iPhone App Store at next week's Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona.

The mobile apparently runs on Samsung's proprietary SHP operating system, which may prove a frustration to consumers on both it’s responsiveness and also the fact that its another operating system to many.

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