Monday, February 02, 2009

The Great Book Bank Robbery - A different Perspective

On the weekend that Google’s Legal Notice of their settlement hit the UK broadsheets, we wonder what it will take to get the debate on the streets. Do people care, or are they too apprehensive about speaking out against Google? Do people feel that they have sufficient context on which to base any opinion and is the settlement too complex for many to digest?

The more we read, the more questions are raised, the more questions, the more curious the newsprint silence is.

Today we read and interest blog at exact editions, 'Google Book Search and the Tragedy of the Anti-Commons', which raises more questions and some interesting perspectives re the territorial aspects of Google’s settlement. It again also raises the thorny issue of in copyright but out of print titles and the fate of these often orphan works. We may not agree with all the points made but welcome the debate that appears to be limited to the blog-sphere today and definitely off the newsprint and trade press column inches.

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