Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Forget New York All Eyes Look to Barcelona

It appears as if the mobile world has ignited and next week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is likely to be the event of the year and one that now impacts all media sectors and gives pointers to the future of technology and media consumption. We have reported recently on the smartphones to be launched the potential rumours of a Stanza and Adobe DRM ebook solution and much more. So what else can we expect?

Another rumour is that Nokia about to launch an application store for its Symbian platform. Will it happen? The reality is that Nokia has to make this move to keep up with the explosion of competitors who are already there. We now have the iPhone App Store, Android Marketplace and Samsung and rumours of a Microsoft ‘online bazaar’. Nokia already has some distribution platforms for Symbian applications, but nothing to date that is compelling for both users and developers.

LG plans to unveil the LG Arena, model LG-KM900, a touchscreen multimedia phone with a 3-D user interface. It boasts a cube-based layout that provides four customizable home screens for access to its features, which include music, movies and pictures. Users can "spin" to select different applications. Personally we await the he new LG GD910 wrist phone.

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