Friday, February 20, 2009

eInk Just Got Bigger!

So how big is yours? You can just imagine one businessman with his ‘small’ K2 being usurped by another with his Plastic Logic. Now NEC has stitched in eight eink screens in two rows of four could make a display nearly two feet tall and over five feet wide. The NEC prototype offers a resolution of 1,600 x 2,400 pixels, a 10:1 contrast ratio and 16-shades of grayscale. NEC is preparing to launch a 19.5in E Ink display that could pave the way for full-sized electronic newspapers. The page has a refresh time of between 400ms and two seconds, depending on the content that's displayed.

Newspapers are the obvious candidates but advert displays and notice information boards offer potential for what is clearly a luggable and even with 16 shades of grey, they are still that grey!

NEC hasn't confirmed when it will be released or how much it would cost but we certainly would ask whether it is Rather than making it bigger perhaps they should be looking at the mobile and netbook and OLED technology.

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