Thursday, February 26, 2009

After the Bond Watchphone now a Bond eReader

We have the James Bond watch from LG, which coming soon to an Orange store near you in the UK. Now we have a special 007 ebook reader edition from Sony. The limited edition Ian Fleming Reader Digital Book bundle includes an eBook download code for two Bond titles, ‘Casino Royale’ and ‘For Your Eyes Only’ plus a "007" embossed cover.

Well we had the ‘red’ Sony ebook reader, which was exclusive to John Lewis until it became a valentine’s draw to Harlequin. Now the people at Sony are applying their creative talent to the cover. Can we expect slogan covers bundled to a couple of books, ‘Star Wars – may the book force be with you’, graphic art covers based on classic titles with the book bundled in for free, branded covers such as the iconic Penguin modern classics again with a couple thrown in for good measure, this list goes on.

However, the jacket is the jacket and ‘giving away’ a couple of titles is hardly a bargain when the reader itself costs hard cash. It would make more sense to sell the jackets as designer or branded jackets with maybe a couple of relivant books thrown in. This would be similar to Apple selling designer covers for the iPod.

But buy a reader and get the jacket, we don’t think so.

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