Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Two Smart Smart phones

We said to Watch Barcelona!

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is certainly living up to the expectations we had of it. Already we have seen significant announcements such as those we wrote about earlier from Adobe now we have the expected mobile jockeying from the smartest smartphone.

Sony have thrown down the gauntlet to all camera freaks with their Idou which has a built-in 12.1-megapixel camera. Why do you need a digital camera when they can deliver to this specification in a mobile?

The Idou will also have a 3.5in widescreen touch-screen and powerful flash for high quality photos. The symbian driven device has all the usual music and video features of their Walkman range of phones and users will be able to download extra software and applications to their device.

The LG Touch watch phone we raved about earlier this year is coming to the UK via the Orange network 'later this year' . The Touch watch phone is a radical step, eye-catching and certainly will tick the gadget novelty box for all would be James Bonds. But it is no slouch on the functionality side, offering HSDPA connectivity, video calling (alongside audio), media playback, web browsing (if you've got the eyes for it) and to protect your investment, a water-resistant shell and tempered glass.

We must have one!!!!

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