Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Someone Somewhere Just Bought a Book

The Book Depository have a live page on their website that shows what books people are buying around the world at any given moment. It's a weird experience watching windows pop up against countries and although it’s rather compelling is there a point?

Someone in UK bought " AQA AS Business Studies"
Someone in Australia bought "Star Island"
Someone in Belgium bought “Beasts of Burden”
Someone in United States bought “Getting to Yes”

In the box there is the jacket picture and details of how long ago the book was bought and what the delivery charge was.

We think there is a point. First the idea of showing what books are being sold around the world is interesting. Second being able to click on any box and be taken straight to the detailed page to qualify and buy is a sound move. Third it starts to introduce books in a random but interesting way based on purchases (just like a random reader recommends). Forth it could increase customer loyalty when they see their book is shared by other readers. Fifth it demonstrates The Book Depository’s reach and their delivery rates. Finally, its innovative and novel and refreshing to see something so simple yet so logical.

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Melita M. Pereira said...

Oh wow. Thank you so much for posting on this! It truly is remarkable to see what kind of books are being bought, AS they are being bought. This is a very wonderful aspect of the book business and I'm glad to have located this post!