Saturday, January 24, 2009

Litopia After Dark

Last night we were once again invited to participate on the panel of Litopia. As well as an informative daily Litopia has a weekly broadcast which is both live and available to download from iTunes. It is run by that charismatic and entrepreneurial agent Peter Cox and brings topics book subjects, humour and industry insights to the table from a writer’s perspective.

Last night was the first in a new format and discussed subjects such as; the state of the book industry, the fortunes of the newsprint and magazine sectors, the publishers’ reaction to dyslexia in authors, the Google Book Search settlement and whether fairy tales are now too scary for kids.

The show is well worth a listen and has a very healthy audience that is growing.

Last night’s show

LITOPIA DAILY - The World's First DAILY Podcast For Writers

Peter Cox's Blog

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