Monday, January 26, 2009

Sangria Red and Red - Spot the Difference

Sony and Harlequin last year celebrated Valentine's Day with a limited-edition pink eReader that came preloaded with 14 Harlequin love stories.

This year they have gone one better with a Sony PRS-505 in Sangria Red. The Limited Edition 60th Anniversary Harlequin reader comes now preloaded with 16 Anniversary Harlequin titles and a free copy of Secret Fantasy by Carly Phillips plus an embossed cover all for $300.

Some on the UK may think the ‘limited edition’ looks familiar. So we also show the ‘exclusive to John Lewis’ red edition. Some may say that it difficult to see the difference between Sangria red and red from the pictures and since John Lewis is out of stock the difference between a ‘limited edition’ and ‘exclusive’. We thought you may wish to spot the difference.

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