Sunday, January 04, 2009

Wii TV?

We read that Nintendo is to now launch a TV channel which will be accessed through its successful Wii console. The channel will potentially deliver video on demand to the 18 million of the consoles that are already connected to the Internet and there are reportedly some 40 million households worldwide with a Wii! The channel will also broadcast lifestyle shows, cookery, cartoons and other similar material on a free to view basis.

The games industry is certainly pushing boundaries and has a huge audience base. It is likely the appeal of games will further increase as more editors and user tools for altering the game will become more common. Online appeal is going to continue to increase with gaming communities being focused to specific groups or in community games (collaborative gaming) or even linking networked and console games! Finally, the iPhone and mobile applications will create new experiences and increase network gaming.

To-date the booktrade has given little recognition to the game market but as books become film and film becomes games and visa versa perhaps its time to exercise some of the huge war chest of acquired rights?

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