Tuesday, January 27, 2009

MSN Loose the Music Plot

Many have long thought that Microsoft had lost the plot and yesterday some will have thought they definitely had when they launched MSN Mobile Music Service and a return to music DRM. So what do Microsoft know that Amazon and Apple and practically everyone standing don’t ?

MSN Mobile locks tracks to the mobile handset they are downloaded to it doesn’t even transfer files between the handset and a PC so you have to carry everything around on the handset. It gets even better! A track costs £1.50 as opposed to iTunes 79p and Amazon is even lower. So MSN believe that a restrictive service that is physically restricted to a handset and that cuts twice the market leader is going to fly! Some would say that the only people flying are MSN! So what happens when I upgrade my handset?

Some argue that MSN believe that they have a loyal customer base that will take whatever they throw at them and in this case that theory may well be tested.

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