Tuesday, January 06, 2009

One Dollar Orbit Promotions

We have seen ebooks being given away for a limited time to promote titles now we read in Publishers Weekly that science fiction and Fantasy publisher Orbit which is part of Little Brown Book Group and Hatchette is offering one dollar e-books to consumers. One title a month will be priced at a dollar and at the end of the month it will revert to its list price and be replaced by another one dollar offer.

The one dollar titles are available at www.onedollarorbit.com and a number of partnering e-retailers such as Fictionwise and Amazon. Currently the promotion is featuring the first title in a series from debut author Brent Weeks, ‘The Way of Shadows’. Next month it will be featuring Iain M Banks, ‘Use of Weapons’ which was published in 1992 but will coincide with his latest release ‘Matter’ scheduled for February 2009.

The main Orbit site includes a significant sci-fi blogroll, author site links, extracts sci-fi news events and conventions, feeds and is an impressive community offer.

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