Thursday, January 15, 2009

You've Mail Mr President

So the big question is not what Barack Obama do in his first days as the most powerful man on earth but whether he will keep his Blackberry? Some would suggest that the security specialists could be even inventing ways to bring the security of the device into disrepute justto get him of his constant companion.

Then we read that security researchers at iDefense have discovered a couple of potential exposures in the way that BlackBerry Unite and Enterprise servers handle malformed PDF files. The exposures rate 9.3, on a scale of one to 10 on the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) and potentially enable hackers to inject hostile code onto computer systems running the BlackBerry Attachment Service. The immediate fix - disabling the receipt of PDF attachments - may be a bridge to far for those dependant on seeing all documents but the patches once applied will tough to live with for many organisations, given the widespread use of the document technology.

So what alternatives does the President have to help him keep grounded and in constant communication in this new age?

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