Saturday, February 12, 2011

Do Free Books Stimulate Market or Individual Sales?

Author Neil Gaiman speaks to Rich Millington from ORGZine about books, piracy, copyright and the internet.

The video is worth watching and stimulates many questions about promoting authors and books. If everyone followed this route what would be the impact and is it because everyone doesn't follow this route that this works or appears to work? The issue of how one is introduced to an author also bears some consideration but again it has always been the case and so begs the question - so what?


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Martyn Daniels said...

have a look at the blogroll down the righthand side there are some very informative sites listed such as ideallogic, persondata etc Re copyright do a search on my site against copyright infrindgement and larry lessig, re books for free have a look at the latest piece on state of independents blog
sorry i have to fly out

Martyn Daniels said...

Gaiman continues the conversation on his blog this morning: