Saturday, October 16, 2010

Borders US Rushes In To Join The Self Publishing Offer

It appears anything Barnes and Noble can do so following B&N’s launch of PubIt, Borders follows them into the self-publishing beauty contest and joins the likes of others such as Amazon, Lulu and Smashwords with their new Borders Get Published program for eBooks. The program will be driven by the BookBrewer publishing platform.

Authors will be able to publish and sell eBooks through the Borders eBook store, as well as other partner eBook retailers. The author can pay $89.99 for the basic package, which assigns an ISBN and make it available to major eBook stores at a price set by the writer. Alternatively the author can pay $199 and buy a package which gives them an Pub file, that they can share with friends, family and press and submit to other eBook stores.”

However it wasn’t clear to us on visiting the site exactly what you got and the quality of the delivery. With time this could improve bit today it looks like a rush job to join the party and the wording certainly would not instil confidence if we were to want to self publish.

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Anonymous said...

I worked for Borders for a number of years in the past, and watched the ownership change hands several times. I can almost guarantee you that this is a rush decision to get in the game by people who really don't understand what they are doing. Why pay almost $90 when you can put it on Amazon (the biggest ebook seller) for free?