Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Automated Library Book Dispensers

Six months ago we spoke at the Seoul International Book Fair in Korea and wrote about a automated library book dispenser (see above) 'Korea Technology Book Showers and Dispensers.’

Today we read in the Wall Street Journal about a dispenser that is being used in the suburbs of St. Paul (see above). The library is a new branch with no librarians, no card catalogue and where the members merely collect their choices.

Library Express is based on the same concept as the Korean dispenser. Members select and order online and then pick up there books and DVDs from lockers outside city hall. This first Library Express installation is to be followed by similar offers in Arizona, Florida and the original installation is adding some 20 more lockers next month.

Its fitting that at a time when people are debating the future and cost of the public library in a digital world, some are now taking positive steps to offer extended services and embracing change for the physical book.

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