Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Amazon's Kindle Singles to be Top of the Pops?

We have long argued that the world of the short story is suited to the digital form and that we should break out of the ‘250 page’ straight jacket that has for so long restricted writers.

Now enter Amaazon again to show the way and offer a home for works of a short nature. Does it matter if the work is 10,000, 30,000 or 75,000 words? Amazon has the common sense to realise that 30 to 90 pages may well be perfect for a digital read. So offering writing by instalments as well as accommodating short stories.

"Kindle Singles” will have their own Kindle Store section and be priced very attractively to generate interest and readers.

Now comes the challenge of attracting not just would be writers but also established writers, thinkers, icons, leaders, historians to make the singles a place to be seen and read.

Combining Amazon’s platform, their channel and ability to sell volume and a novel short story idea sounds a winner.

Amazon weren’t the first internet bookstore they were the 14th but were the first to get the service proposition right. Today they may not be the first to start digital short stories but they have all the ingredients to get this right too.

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