Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Connecting You Sir

Have you ever wanted to ring someone but didn’t have the phone number? Yesterday that was easy you merely looked them up in a directory and hoped that they weren’t ex directory. Then came the phone directory services and for a small charge the number was available. However when mobile usage exploded and it became the primary phone for many people getting unknown numbers was very hard and losing them was a nightmare!

Now a new UK service, run by 118800, plans to change all that. It claims to have some 15 million numbers and will cost £1 and use databases of numbers. It will even act as a switchboard between parties to ensure calls are acceptable to the receiver and of course will offer an opt out service to remove numbers that people want to remain private.

Watch the BBC video to find out more.

The interesting think it shows once more is how easy it is to effectively buy and acquire lists of numbers and address details. The potential use of those little tick boxes at the bottom of agreements now become even more visible.

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