Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Personal Computer World to Close

Many in the UK have used its pages of reviews to guide us through the often confusing array of options available when we buy a new PC, laptop, notebook etc. Now after 30 years of service Personal Computer World, one of the UK's oldest consumer technology magazine titles, is closing. We remember it well for being among those geeky magazines that were often heavier that the weekly shop and crammed with adverts, comparisons and reviews.

A combination of factors including the economic downturn and the decline of the computer magazine market have forced the closure and once again demonstrate that it’s not just the economic climate that is changing but our reading and research habits. Yesterday magazines that helped us select cars, PCs, household goods etc where in demand, today we can click and compare online.

Incisive Media, which owns Personal Computer World and more than 100 other business magazines have said that it’s looking to cut up to 50 staff from its 800-strong workforce.

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