Monday, June 29, 2009

Universal Mobile Charger

Life could soon be easier for millions of mobile phone users across Europe.
Having left mobile chargers in hotel and meeting rooms the news that agreement has been finally agreed between the mobile industry and the European Commission to create a standard phone is welcome. Obviously they may not be effective until you have the handset to take it but once achieved the deal also offers 50% energy savings to the 400 million users across the EU.

The deal isn't legally binding and will use a micro-USB connection. Under it the companies, which represent 90% of the European mobile and include LG, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Apple, Motorola, Research in Motion and Samsung, are committed to developing the charger next year.

EU Industry Commissioner Guenter Verheugen says he also wants to see the common charger expand in the years ahead to cover other phones, existing phones, cameras and laptops.

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