Sunday, June 07, 2009

Spotify Continue to Make Smart Moves

We continue to be impressed by the clear thinking of the people who run what is fast becoming the music model streaming site. Spotify continues to learn from others and navigate what are challenging waters where many have floundered before them.

They now allow unsigned musicians to upload their music onto the service. So are they now going to get flooded with pirate tracks and illegal music and wash their hands and claim a safe harbour like many today across the media market or take proactive action to control what is uploaded? Spotify has signed a deal with Ditto Music, where acts can upload their music and are now be able to type their band's name into Spotify and see their tracks. Ditto Music charges a £2 per month and has made a name for itself bringing unsigned acts into the charts through digital distribution. Like regular acts, unsigned bands will be entitled to royalties when their tracks are played . US band Finch, will be one of the first available on Spotify through the new deal with Ditto Music. By introducing a filter and charged service they have taken a wise step to avoid pirate uploads.

Spotify has also gained official approval by the UK’s Performing Rights Society (PRS) which clearly places them on the right side of the industry and avoids the disputes that others have found others such as YouTube embroiled in.

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