Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Children Always Have To Ask 'Why?'

My daughter wanted to buy her mother something special for her retirement. Her mum lives and works in education in Kala Lumpar and spends half her year there and the other in Toronto. She reads a lot and travels a lot.

I was next asked,’ Why does the Kindle only work in the US?’ I explained although I somehow found myself repeating the question.

‘What other reader would you suggest?’ Again I gave a long list and explained what little differences there were and found myself wondering how you would honestly choose.

‘Can she buy books and download them anywhere?’ Why do they need to be downloaded to a PC first my Apple doesn’t?’, ‘If I buy a download will it play on any device?’, ‘Can I share books with my mum?’, ‘Are the books cheaper?’,’Are all the books in shops available digitally?’, ‘ DRM?’, ‘Why is it only greyscale?’, ‘isn’t a bit silly carrying hundreds of books around with you all the time?’

You may think my daughter is young , she isn’t. You may think she is a bit dumb, she isn’t and holds down a major job with a major global blue chip broadcaster. You may think she isn’t technically savvy, she has a Blackberry, netbook (work) and iPhone and laptop (private) and often teaches me stuff. It wasn’t till I was put on the spot and had to answer hard question I realised how difficult we make digitisation for consumers.

The answer was an iPhone but I was then told she likes handle books not gadgets.

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