Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pick up an iPhone Bargain at Wal Mart

Why pay top ticket for the latest must have when you can buy it at a price we can all afford in a supermarket near you. Be it the latest Dan Brown or Harry Potter or now 16 GB version of the iPhone Wal Mart know how to sell a bargin. They have ticketed the iPhone in the US for $97 with a two-year AT&T contract. This is some $100 under the standard $199 cost from others.

Given Apple’s control of everything Apple it will be interesting to know why Apple is allowing such deep discounting just before it next 4th Generation phone next month. Perhaps Apple need to destock the existing inventory to create a switch to the new model. Whatever the reason it spells a good deal for US consumers.

Perhaps they also want to create a further buzz to deflate any rising Android momentum and bring back app developers focus that may have been affected by Apple’s recent tightening grip on everything Apple.

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