Sunday, May 23, 2010

Epson To Enable Colour eInk

We have long said that eInk today is ‘black and white TV in a coloured world’. The reality is that consumers want colour and a media convergence device, not a black and white TV. Recently we have witnessed a number of colour ereaders with LCD screens and have seen the ridiculous Alex and Nook with their ‘can't make our minds up’ offer of two screens.We all recognise that for all its limitations, the iPad has delivered colour and its not going back into the old 16 shades of grey.

There have long been rumours of eInk colour, but no real delivery dates.Now Epson have announced a display controller that includes a high-performance colour engine. It has a built-in dither function to minimize host overhead, and can be connected to any host processor through a 16-bit parallel or TFT LCD bus. The S1D13524 allows multiregional and concurrent display updates. The advanced sequencer engine, power management, I2C thermal sensor and serial flash support a variety of popular functions.Epsom are working in partnership with eInk Corporation who obviously already have customers waiting for the new controller.

The Epson S1D13524 will be available in June with production quantities available to the market in December 2010.EInk plans to offer an S1D13524 kit to enable developers to build prototype and develop next-generation color ePaper devices.

For documentation and details about the S1D13524

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