Monday, May 17, 2010

EBook Readers in Seoul

Our Forth report for Seoul looks at the array of ebook readers on display.

We say the usual array of ‘lookie likie’ eink reader plus some new ones like the NuuT which is specifically for the Eastern market. They certainly looked a sorry sight laying on one stand where they were huddled together like suspects on an identity parade but in this case desperate to be picked out.

We saw Spring Design’s Alex reader which with its two screens offers ‘black and white’ and ‘colour ‘ TV but as we pointed out the colour screen was no larger than today’s mobile phone screens so seemed rather superfluous and like most people we tend to read a book or browse separately.

We saw the Biscuit with its keyboard which clearly looks like it will not survive the rigors of real life usage. It reminded us of those calculator raised keys that after time fail and in this case were inadequately protected. We imagine that these keys will break off or be damaged as the reader is pulled out of its holder.

We saw the iPad standing their 'head and shoulders' above the rest with its crystal clear colour screen. However when Annie picked it up her immediate reaction was to say ‘its far too heavy and I can get a netbook that is lighter…its not portable. It will not fit in my bag’ Interesting, as it’s a comment we had not heard before and its always good to get an instinctive comment from someone who buys devices but doesn’t drown in a sea of device reviews.

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