Monday, May 03, 2010

Android, JooJoo and Mobile News

Nearly one in five smartphones sold in the UK is running on the Android platform according to market analsts GfK.The sudden fourfold rise in Android is obviously due to the sheer number of devices that now support the platform and that fact that these are supported on all the network.

GfK claim that smartphones now account for some 37% of the total mobile market and 63% of the contract market. Importantly, GfK also claim that Android are not merely benefitting from an overall increase in smartphone uptake but gaining market share from other platforms. As more Android devices such as the Nexus One, LG’s Optimus GT540, Vodaphone’s Huawei 247 and Samsung’s Galaxy S become available in the UK over the coming weeks this can only improve Android’s market position.

Meanwhile the new tablet to hit the UK is the JooJoo from Fusion Garage. The web based tablet is price just under the iPad at £374. It appears to tick many boxes and gives a PC user experience. The question is whether it does enough to compete with the iPad?

Finally, someone asked us whether they should buy an iPad? We asked whatthey wanted it for and they replied to watch videos, play music read books and started to dry up. We pointed to the iPhone and asked what theiPad could do that the iphone couldn’t? The size of screen was the obvious answer. So how often will you want to use it as a screen whilst mobile? They seemed to want to justify the purchase, its as if people just want to have one because they have to have one. However, the killer punch came when we worked out the true cost of ownership given the device has a different SIM and its own mobile network costs.

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