Wednesday, March 16, 2011

YouTube Quality To Improve With Green Parrot

We found today’s news that Google has bought Irish company Green Parrot Pictures with the objective to improve the quality of the video footage that is uploaded to YouTube very timely and interesting. Youtube has redefined video and film and also enabled everyone to be a potential cameraman, director, news reporter and social observer.

The Dublin-based Green Parrot Pictures specialises in improving image processing to increase sharpness, reducing camera shake and graininess and improving bandwidth efficiency, all while your video is being uploaded to the site. The technology has already been used by several Hollywood film studios and even improved movies such as X-Men and Spiderman.

This last weekend we spent some time filming the first dozen Bibliophile Book Reviews which when edited were posted on YouTube. The intention is to capture Annie’s book buying and editing enthusiasm to promote some of the 300 new titles Bibliophile lists each month. Bibliophile has some 50K unique copyrighted blurbs, so we thought we should capture some video blubs and now Google are potentially make them even better!

to see more bibliophile book review videos

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