Friday, March 11, 2011

Kinect Officially The Fastest Selling Consumer Electronics Device

What holds the record as the fastest selling consumer electronics device? Could it be the iPhone, Kindle, iPad , Playstation, xBox, or was it the good old Sony Walkman?

The answer is happening as we speak and is Microsoft’s Kinect sensor system, which since its launch on 4 November, has sold over 10 million units. Guinness World Records claim, that no other consumer electronics device has sold faster within a 60-day time span and has declared it, the fastest-selling consumer electronics device on record.

Kinect is an infrared camera addition for Microsoft's Xbox 360 games console that allows the system to track body movements. It's, like Parnav Mistry’s TED insight into the future, offers a cleaner and more sensible human interface with the machine. It uses four microphones, a dedicted processor plus a colour VGA motion camera that can track movements at 30FPS. Kinect is the first mass-produced device that controls a video game via motion and voice control and without the need to hold any controller.

Why do we still have to type in words, have one dimensional controls on our laptops and even tablets? It's just under a year since we wrote about the exciting world of Mistry and through Kinect it is here today. With natural human interfaces, will come huge changes that will fundamentally change how we do everything and interact with devices. This is no longer in the labs and the Kinect shows that people want it and if priced right, it flys off the shelf. Now if only someone would make that leap forward on a tablet.

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